Since our inception in 2010, we have been witness to a radically changing business environment; domestically and globally.
MIST has adapted to the changes and successfully evolved and diversified. Today, our corporate standing is a testament to this ability. Throughout the years, we have allowed our business philosophy to mature, yet remain flexible. This approach has eased the integration and management of our diversification and evolution.

We believe innovation and decentralization give us our competitive edge. MIST has emerged as one of the leading company in Saudi Arabia and the region by keeping a watchful eye on the business environment and constant process improvements. Our corporate values centre around our customers: honesty in all our relationships, integrity in financial commitments; uncompromising quality, and individual empowerment. These ideals define our reputation today.

As we look forward to a challenging and rewarding future, MIST stands committed to the philosophies and ideals that have brought us so far. As we expand and diversify, seeking new frontiers to explore and develop, we are confident that our values will guide us on the right path.

MIST’s most valuable assets today are its dedicated employee who wear the MIST badge, and we ensure that they embrace our expansion.